Rockafellaz Set Promo Swing Through Milwaukee

MIAMI — All-male specialty label Rockafellaz Entertainment and its singly named CEO Rock are scheduled for a string of personal appearances and meet-and-greets through the weekend in Milwaukee.

Rock and several of his featured performers will be making their debut in the city. Their promo swing is centered on local venues Purr nightclub and the Midtowne Spa.

"Recently we have decided to feature a porn company each month," said a Midtowne rep. "We are proud to have Rockafellaz Entertainment with us for the month of April."

"It's exciting for Rockafellaz to be seen and known in as many cities as possible," Rock said. "Even though I know that people purchase my products around the world, it's always a memorable experience for the consumer to meet the performers and see them face-to-face."

Rock and his models will emcee a talent showcase at Purr as well as sign autographs and pose for photos at both locations. The director said he would also be scouting local talent.

The Midtowne Spa is located at 315 S. Water St., while Purr nightclub can be found at 3945 N. 35th St.

In related news, Rockafellaz recently formed a production partnership with Miami-based adult company FlavaWorks, and pacted with for the exclusive video-on-demand rights to their recent blue movie "Raw Dickin' It."