Smitten Kitten Offering Earth Day Toxic Toy Tradein

Tod Hunter
MINNEAPOLIS — Adult boutique retailer The Smitten Kitten is offering a trade-in deal for Earth Day this Wednesday: customers bringing in a sex toy made of toxic material can trade it in and get a 40 percent discount on a new, safe toy of their choice.

The store is also offering a 20 percent discount on green toys and organic lubes on Wednesday. Some restrictions apply; contact the store for details.

"People often forget that they should evaluate a sex toy just as critically as any other household purchase," a Smitten Kitten representative said. "If you wouldn’t buy a PVC shower curtain or cheap plastic toys for your kids, then you should make sure the adult toys you have at home are nonporous, nonleeching, and designed to be used." Smitten Kitten sponsors the Coalition against Toxic Toys, which advocates the use of safe materials in sex toys. The Coalition's website is

The store will also offer information about safe toys, coffee from Peace Coffee, Earth Day videos and special guests on Wednesday.

The Smitten Kitten is located at 3010 Lyndale Ave. S. in Minneapolis. The store's telephone number is (612) 721-6088.