Vantage Video Distributors Launches

Tod Hunter
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Adult industry veteran David Gross has announced the creation of Vantage Video Distributors, a wholesale company that will be releasing high-end DVDs, classic titles, peep-show loops and other under-served niche content.

"I've been working on this for two or three months, and my first conquest was V9 Video," Gross told XBIZ. "They're in the hidden camera niche, and we bought the company. I want to continue that in a big way with DVD, with streaming and membership sites."

The company also will be selling titles from Western Visuals, Blue Vanities, and Matrix.

"We'll be adding six or seven studios in the next two or three months," Gross said.

Vantage's first release, "Seka, Fallen Angel: The Lost Episodes," from Western Visuals, will come out later this month and Vantage plans to release approximately two to three titles each month from each of its studios.

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