Too Much Media/NATS Raising Funds for ASACP

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — Too Much Media/NATS has announced a fundraising campaign for ASACP. For each company signing up as a Too Much Media client between April 15-May 15, Too Much Media will donate $250 to ASACP.

"Without support from companies like TooMuchMedia, ASACP wouldn’t be able to develop such important technologies as RTA," ASACP CEO Joan Irvine told XBIZ. "Just yesterday The Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF) advised the FCC to tread lightly in its review of content control technologies amidst concerns that it will overstep its authority regarding the regulation of online content. PFF's special report, 'Parental Controls and Online Protection: A Survey of Tools and Methods,' specifically discusses ASACP’s Restricted To Adults — RTA website label."

New Jersey-based Too Much Media develops and supports a powerful suite of web-based products for Internet businesses including advanced content management software and an affiliate management solution used by affiliate programs worldwide. Too Much Media/NATS currently supports ASACP as a Title Sponsor.

“We have seen ASACP’s growth for the last six years and appreciate the good that it is doing to both protect children and the industry," Too Much Media founder John Albright said. "ASACP has been working diligently to educate the government and mainstream companies about the industry’s efforts to protect children and we understand how important that is."

Too Much Media co-founder Charlie Berrebbi said this was the first in a series of fundraisers for ASACP. Other fundraisers will be announced at a later date.

Founded in 1996, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating child pornography from the Internet. ASACP also works to help parents prevent children from viewing age-inappropriate material online.