Chad Belville New General Counsel for IntenseCash

Ariana Rodriguez
DENVER — Blumedia Inc., parent company of IntenseCash, has tapped Chad Belville for the position of general counsel for IntenseCash.

Belville joins the company with more than a decade of experience in law and business and more than five years exclusively working in the adult industry.

“The IntenseCash team is very close, both personally and professionally,” IntenseCash owner Mark Erickson said. “We needed someone who is not just good at what they do but who fits into our business family. Chad is a great lawyer with good business sense and has a good reputation in our industry. He is a great addition and we look forward to his help building our brands.”

Chad will be focusing on copyright and trademark enforcement as IntenseCash continues to market,, and the other sites in its stable.

“IntenseCash has great brands already and more on the way,” Belville said. “I will be able to solidify these trademarks and put a clamp on misuse and outright piracy of the brands Mark has worked so hard to develop. What makes this so perfect is the great team IntenseCash has already assembled and many of us have been friends for years.”