Site Operator Chris Wilson Released on Bail

BARTOW, Fla. — The operator of was released from jail late Tuesday after his family posted the $30,100 bail.

Wilson was being held on 300 misdemeanor charges and one felony obscenity charge after law enforcement officials raided his Lakeland, Fla., home last Friday and allegedly discovered obscene pornographic material.

Wilson’s website, which primarily hosts amateur wife and girlfriend photos, stirred considerable controversy in recent weeks when it was discovered that U.S. Army soldiers may have been posting images of dead Iraqi and Afghan citizens on the site in exchange for free access to the adult content.

The allegations have not been proved, but several photos made their way to the site that appeared to show U.S. soldiers posing next to dead bodies.

Lawrence Walters, Wilson’s attorney, said Wilson’s bail was delayed because he had to post bail on each separate charge.

Each misdemeanor charge Wilson faces requires a $500 bond. The felony carries a $1,000 bond. His total bail is $151,000, but because each charge is relatively small, Wilson had to post $30,100, or nearly twice the percentage of the bail normally required by a bondsman, and, because he had to post each bond separately, Walters said it was difficult to find a bondsman willing to take on that many individual notes.