Jet Set Touts Straight Guy Seduction

JC Adams
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — All-male studio Jet Set Productions is touting a tutorial on straight-guy seduction featuring studio exclusive Adam Campbell.

Director Chris Steele helms the all-male hardcore feature "5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy" with Campbell in the lead role as a "hunky Midwestern dude" who offers "sage advice on how to nail straight-boy butt," the studio said.

Given the film's theme, Steele made a conscious decision to fill the 10-member cast with performers who identify as gay-for-pay. "Who could be better to show how to get in a straight boy's pants than straight guys themselves," he said.

Campbell signed on as a Jet Set exclusive in November. He narrates and anchors two scenes, a pair of duos featuring Vince Ferelli and Patrick Bateman.

Remaining vignettes spotlight company exclusive Marcus Steele with Mason Alexander and Ryan Rockford, Cody Carter with Austin Wrigley and Jason Pitt with Dempsey Stearns.

"5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy" was scripted by John Tegan, who also serves as Jet Set's head of marketing.

The movie was inspired by "viral videos on the Internet showing mostly fratboys engaged in a game of 'gay chicken,' where two ostensibly straight guys go as far as they can in kissing another guy without chickening out," he said. "Either you flinch and you lose, or you don't flinch and you end up kissing another dude."

"So now anyone who wants to can see what really happens once the game ends," he added.

The film's release this week is tied to Campbell's appearance on the cover of the current issue of Freshmen magazine.

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