Gay Adult Actor Steve Pierce Dies

JC Adams
PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Retired gay adult actor Steve Pierce has died. The 44-year-old performer passed March 12 in Palm Springs. No cause of death has been given. He is survived by his partner of two decades, whom he married in 2008.

Pierce was a familiar face on the gay adult scene from the mid- to late-'90s. His career encompassed approximately 40 films between 1995 and 2004, including such popular titles as "Flesh & Blood" (All Worlds Video, 1995), "The Chosen" (Falcon Studios, 1996) and "Johnny Hormone" (HIS Video, 1997).

He was a notable name in the BDSM and leather communities and specialized in enacting fetish play onscreen in such titles as "Dr. Good Glove" (Plain Wrapped Video, 1995), "Leather Lust" (Tenderloin Productions, 1995) and "Leather Tricks" (Close-Up Productions, 1996).

Pierce's interests ranged far beyond the adult business. His first novel, a science fiction adventure titled "World Without Winter," was published in 2008.

In a published obituary, his partner writes that Pierce "loved alternative music, cooked wonderful meals and was my absolute best friend. After 20 years together, it was as if we had just met. Our relationship remained fresh and full of optimism for the future."

"When Steve walked onto the set of 'Dr. Good Glove' in 1995 I was immediately taken with him," director Steven Scarborough told XBIZ. "What a great performer, and a super sweet guy. My heart goes out to his partner."

"I directed Steve and did camera on three of his movies. He was always of good humor and eager to give the best performance possible," director Jett Blakk told XBIZ.

"He would come onto the set with his leather gear and offer ideas to the director on how he could be 'abused.' He saw porn as a way to experiment with his body and to create a form of performance art as a way to express himself. Overall, Steve was a great guy, which is the best thing you can say about anybody."