WIA Board of Directors Wanted

Gretchen Gallen
Women in Adult, the organization that supports and empowers professional women in the adult industry, is looking to add new members to its board of directors, WIA announced

Founded a year ago by Holly Moss of HMoss Consulting, the idea behind WIA was to create a support network for female professionals in adult entertainment and through WIA events and its website, provide richer opportunities for networking, job placement, and overall resource contacts.

Nominations for board slots are not required, Moss told XBiz, and instead interested professionals, both male and female, can nominate themselves by throwing their name into the hat on XBiz.com's Women in Adult message board.

"So far there has been a huge response," Moss told XBiz. "The idea behind the board elections is that we need more people to lend a hand. Interest is on the increase in WIA and there is a need to expand the support network that exists. WIA needs to have particular people in charge and we need to ramp it up and present a more professional and organized crew."

Available board members slots include a creative director, a communications director, a membership/recruitment director, and an events coordinator.

New members will be chosen by Oct. 1, Moss told XBiz, and self-nominations will no longer be accepted on the XBiz.com message board after Sept. 30.

WIA expects to hold its first board meeting with new members by Oct. 3, after which meetings will be held on a regular, monthly basis.

According to Moss, the WIA website will also be redesigned in the coming months and will be better equipped to assist the goals and ideas of the organization.

Moss added that by 2004, WIA plans to make the switchover from a free organization, to a membership-based one, although plans for that transition have not yet been formalized.