Classic Erotica Puts an Educational Spin on Sales

Anne Winter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Romance-focused product manufacturer Classic Erotica has announced it is putting an educational focus on its sales efforts for greater appeal to couples and female customers.

Jane Liszewski, vice president of sales and marketing for the company, said Classic Erotica is excited to provide “sensual inspiration” with its product line, and that this attention to product education and awareness is a natural next step.

“We are proud that [our products] are always formulated with the highest quality ingredients and very body friendly,” Liszewski said. “We make a every conscious effort in our manufacturing process to ensure customer satisfaction and provide peace of mind to the end user.”

Classic Erotica Product Education Specialist Morty Diamond will travel and meet with U.S. customers to spread the word and inform them of the selling points and other pertinent information for each product in the Classic Erotica collection.

The company currently is working on its Product Information Guide to assist its sales team’s educational efforts and to strengthen its existing and potential customer bases.

“Classic Erotica believes that product education will help assure a more informed buying public and a healthier future for our industry as a whole,” a company representative said.

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