Lion's Den Picks Up Zeus Electrosex Line

Tod Hunter
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Lion's Den adult stores will test market Zeus Electrosex products in 10 stores of the chain.

Zeus Electrosex products send a small electrical current to body pleasure centers, directly stimulating them. The current doesn’t cause pain, but stimulates the nerves. According to the company, many users have been able to achieve hands-free orgasms. The equipment includes transformer boxes and body attachments.

"They're like acupuncture," Zeus Electrosex Wholesale Manager Jennifer Schmidt told XBIZ. "By creating more knowledge of the products, people have been more interested in buying the products.

"It's not scary, you have total control. People try it on their arm and they actually like it. It's totally selling. It's not just for the fetish market any more."

Lion's Den operates 34 stores in 16 central and eastern states.

The products should start appearing in selected Lion's Den stores by the end of the month.