XFANZ TV Gets Up Close With Jesse Jane

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — XFANZ TV presents an Up Close interview with Digital Playground contract performer Jesse Jane, shot on location for a new mainstream film, "Frat Party."

Jesse Jane starts by leading the camera through the location and describing a scene that she just shot where she is supposed to seduce Duffy, an engaged college student.

"What Duffy's friends have decided to do is get him laid at his frat party," director Robert Bennett tells the XFANZ cameras. "There's no better way to get your buddy laid than to bring in a porn star to tempt him."

Jesse Jane the talks about her shower scene.

"I've been nice and wet this whole film," she smiles.

The film was shot in a real fraternity house.

"There's nothing we can do on camera that is any better — or any worse — than what really goes on in this frat house," Bennett observes. "It is insane. Drunk guys throwing chairs, naked strippers .... "

"Frat Party" is planned for mainstream release this fall.

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