Matthew Rush Enjoying His 'Brief Encounters'

LOS ANGELES — Boutique label Pantheon Productions has "Real Men 17: Brief Encounter" set for release. The all-male hardcore film is among the first DVD projects to feature popular star Matthew Rush after ending an exclusivity contract with Falcon Studios earlier this year.

"In 'Brief Encounters' it's all about the underwear, or more to the point, the hot men in their underwear," the studio said. "The video is a series of vignettes focused on what underwear does best to a man — accentuate the positive, front and back. The view is almost too much to take for our sexy protagonists and things get front-and-center in a hurry."

Rush anchors the opening scene with costar Tim Kelly. "A quick smile from Matthew is all it takes to get this hot scene going as the two end up soaking each other — in more ways than one — in the gym shower," the studio said.

Walter Romero directed the film. Supporting players include Tony Daniels, Massimo Forte, Conner Habib, Derrick Hanson, Nick Moretti, Steve Parker and Allen Silver.

Rush blogged his experience filming "Brief Encounters" for

"We got to the set and the guys at Pantheon were really sweet and they put me at ease right away," he wrote. "They told us the premise of the scene and we start to shoot. We start off in the locker room where we cruise each other… until Tim ran into one of the lockers. The look on his face was priceless. I guess I laughed a little too hard because when I bent over to take my underwear off, I stood up and whacked my head on a locker door."

In addition to shooting for Pantheon, Rush has recently filmed web-exclusive vignettes for, and

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