Rob Rotten Readies ‘Bong Load Girls’ for 4/20

Steve Javors
SAN FRANCISCO — Punk-porn innovator Rob Rotten takes a stab at capturing elements of the counterculture stoner movement with the release of “Bong Load Girls.”

Described as a THC-infused head-trip, the movie streets on what is widely referred to as the international stoner’s holiday of April 20, or 420.

Fully financed by Rotten’s Punx Productions label, “Bong Load Girls” is being distributed on DVD by JM Productions who took the movie after many companies, because of the risky subject matter, turned down Rotten.

“Everyone said ‘Rob, this is the worst idea you’ve ever had, you’re an idiot,’” Rotten told XBIZ. “And I was so pissed off because I felt so strongly about this. I said ‘Fuck you guys, I’m doing this on my own.’ I kind of made it out of spite. But, this freedom allowed me the make the movie I had envisioned all along.”

Calling it the most bizarre movie he’s ever done is quite a statement coming from the creator of the “Texas Vibrator Massacre,” “Scurvy Girls” and “Porn of the Dead.” Rotten shot the movie in northern California’s Bay Area and in Los Angeles.

“I usually have no lack of words to describe my movies, but this one is by far the toughest,” Rotten said. “Simply, it’s a five-scene vignette with stoner chicks in stoner situations. I went overboard and it’s reminiscent of late ’60s LSD head-trip movies. There’s a lot of stoner humor, subliminal messages, psychedelic visuals, editing — there’s nothing else like it.”

“Bong Load Girls” stars Jamie Elle, Jeannie Marie Sullivan, Scarlett Pain, Kat, Daisy Tanks, Kaylee Lovecox and Ruby Knox.

The DVD comes with a second disc of music that was included in the movie along with original tracks, leaning towards a jam-band, rock-style sound.

Rotten’s movie comes at an interesting time as the line gets blurred between adult retailers and head shops. Many adult retailers increasingly are carrying products that were the domain of head shops like bongs, pipes, rolling papers and various smoking accessories.

“People asked me ‘Rob, is this your love letter to Timothy Leary, or to Mary Jane,’” Rotten said. “It’s tough to answer because it’s a little bit of both.”

“Bong Load Girls” is available now for pre-order on DVD through JM Productions and’s video-on-demand platform.

For wholesale ordering, call (800) 550-3659.