Claudia Valentine to Appear in Mainstream Movie

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult star Claudia Valentine was featured in a scene in the upcoming Universal Picture movie, “Bruno.”

“Bruno” is the latest movie from Sacha Baron Cohen, who masterminded the movie “Borat.” His latest release currently has a NC-17 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America and Valentine is worried her scenes may be excised for “Bruno” to receive an R rating.

"I don't understand why the movie is getting a NC-17 rating,” Valentine said. “Maybe it’s because I took most of my clothes off. I mean I tried to have sex with him [Cohen]. I chased him around the room. I didn't know it was Sasha Baron Cohen because of the disguise. I thought it was some European film company trying to imitate Borat or something.”

“Bruno” tentatively hits theaters on July 10.