'Doctor John' Disqualified From City Council Ballot

Tod Hunter
LINCOLN, Neb. — Lingerie shop owner "Doctor John" Haltom will not be allowed on the primary ballot for the Lincoln City Council, a Lancaster County District judge ruled Tuesday.

Haltom had challenged a decision by the Lancaster County Election Commissioner to remove Haltom's name on the ballot. The Election Commissioner, Dave Shively, said Halton's felony conviction in Utah based on a police sting in 2000 prevents Haltom from holding public office in Nebraska.

Haltom has been convicted on felony charges of selling an adult video to a minor in Utah and misdemeanor obscenity charges in Nebraska. The Nebraska Constitution bars felons from holding public office unless pardons restored their civil rights.

Haltom can continue his candidacy for Lincoln City Council as a write-in candidate.

Halton is owner or part owner of 11 lingerie boutiques in Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois, including a "Doctor John's" store in Lincoln.