Dominic Ford Goes 3D With D'Angelo, Harri

NEW YORK —Vinnie D'Angelo and Antton Harri are the latest performers to go 3D for all-male pro/am website Their vignette debuts Thursday.

D'Angelo will show off his new body art in the scene. "It's a tattoo that covers most of his left arm and shoulder," eponymous company president Dominic Ford told XBIZ.

Their sex scene came about through D'Angelo's prompting. "I told him he had carte blanche to choose anyone he wanted to work with. He chose Antton," Ford said.

"From the minute they were in the same room together they started going at it. Seriously, we were focusing lights and moving around all our 3D equipment and I had to remind them we weren't rolling yet."

Ford notes the specialized equipment "makes a world of difference" to the viewer. "For instance, while someone with a nice body obviously takes a great 2D photo, 3D photos and video gives so much more detail about their bodies: How rounded are his biceps? How do his shoulder muscles curve?"

He said penetration scenes also are enhanced. "You really see and feel the full thrust of penetration in a way you simply can't in 2D. Another thing that really comes across in 3D is skin texture," Ford added. "Antton has the most amazingly smooth skin. In 3D you can practically stroke it yourself."

Dominic Ford has recently debuted hardcore 3D vignettes pairing real-life boyfriends Vin Costes and Manuel Torres, as well as bodybuilder Arpad Miklos with twink performer Blu Kennedy. Customers receive a pair of 3D glasses with their paid membership.

The site also features traditional 2-D hardcore vignettes starring a mix of professional and amateur performers, which are released every Thursday.