Just In Case Featured in Huffington Post Article

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — Just In Case intimacy compacts were featured in an article for the Living section of the Huffington Post on Friday.

The article titled “Taking the Wraps Off Condoms” discusses the evolution of condoms and other contraceptives, as well as the rise in STDs. Just In Case compacts, which were created as a solution to carry and store condoms, come into play as a product aimed at women.

“Our compacts are bigger than just a product, it’s a paradigm shift for women to take control of their sexual health and redefine their requirements of their partners,” said Rachel Sudul, who founded the company with her mother, Marsha G. Bartenetti. “We know that statistics can only do so much. Our product can change behavior through trend. It’s a cool product to carry with you in your purse that can be there even when you aren’t ‘planning’ to have sex.”

Sudul told XBIZ that journalist Marcia Yerman approached her via Twitter.

“Funny enough I commented on one of her tweets on Twitter,” Sudul said. “We have an account @justincaseinc, and I was searching for women’s health and HIV conversations and just chimed in. She responded to one of my entries and looked at what our product was and emailed me.

“We were thrilled to be a part of the article. Speaking to Marcia Yerman was fantastic. The conversation about HIV, STDs and responsibility is hitting the U.S. like a wave. The statistics are too large to ignore.”

Sudul listed the statistics as one in four people having an STD. She said the preconceived notions about the people that contract STDs need to be redefined.

“It is because of these quick judgments that we in the U.S. are in serious trouble and need to rethink the norms of STDs and HIV transmission,” Sudul said. “It’s articles like Marcia’s in the Huffington Post that can continue the conversation.”

A percentage of the company’s profits is donated to AIDS organizations and women’s health charities. A special edition compact was designed in partnership with YouthAIDS, which benefited the educational program of Population Services International with 10 percent of its proceeds.

Just In Case was awarded the 2006 Award for Originality at the International Package Design Award show.

The compacts start at $24.95 for the classic design available in a variety of colors and custom Swarovski crystal-studded compacts retail at $199.95.