Adult Attorney Warns Against Censorship Increase

Stephen Yagielowicz
SAN FRANCISCO — For marketers hoping that the end of the Bush administration meant the end of moves to restrict media, the increase in attacks coming from the Left may come as somewhat of a surprise.

Bent on increasing society's level of political correctness, these Leftist ideologues are not motivated by faith but by the desire to suppress ideas, opinions and speech that they disagree with or otherwise find offensive — and increasingly the battle ground upon which they are waging their cultural war is within the realm of videogames — some say in an attempt to sway the attitudes of our children.

Noted First Amendment attorney Lawrence G. Walters commented on this new wave of censorship from the Left, which is increasing now that they're in power.

"The adult industry has been fighting back against the wave of censorship from the Right advocating decency issues, however a new threat has emerged from the emboldened radical Left: Political Correctness," Walters told XBIZ. "This culture war has evolved to include mainstream movies, music and games — as well as the more traditional adult media."

"Leftist academics are calling for the suppression of certain voices so that the messages of 'oppressed' groups can be more clearly heard," Walters said. "Numerous defamation suits have been filed against anonymous posters on Internet forums, seeking to silence certain viewpoints."

Walters recently addressed the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in a session entitled "Silencing the Censors."

"We are in a culture war here," Walters told the audience. "Like it or not, the video game industry is on the frontline of a war between the family values groups on one hand and the civil libertarians on the other hand. We didn't ask for this — we're just trying to entertain people with a product the public seem to want."

Could the attacks currently being focused on the videogame industry spread increasingly into the adult entertainment markets?

"In short, the adult industry is not immune from the censorial influences of the Left, which will now find political support for their feminist, antiporn agenda," Walters concluded. "This is the new face of censorship: The battle rages on, but the flank has changed."