Jalifstudio Launches Safer Sex Campaign

BARCELONA — Spanish all-male production house Jalifstudio has launched a safer sex campaign in conjunction with Stop SIDA, a local nonprofit with a focus on HIV/AIDS prevention.

The yearlong campaign will include a safer sex kit to be packaged with all Jalifstudio DVDs that includes a condom and lubricant, as well as a brochure printed with relevant details regarding the prevention of HIV and AIDS.

In addition, "the Stop SIDA logo will appear on the cover of every DVD and a safer sex public service video will appear before every Jalifstudio feature," the company said.

"It's a very dynamic clip that shows hardcore images of all kinds of fetish sexual practices — piss, fisting, S/M," a company rep told XBIZ. "It says: No matter what kind of sex you like, just practice it with a condom."

The co-branded marketing campaign came about after Jalifstudio collaborated with Stop SIDA to promote a disco-themed party in Barcelona. "The party was a big success, and they proposed that we promote safer sex together with our DVDs. We thought it was a very good idea to do it," the rep said.

The first film to include safer sex materials is watersports-themed fetish flick "Kings of Piss 2," which was released to the European market earlier this month, and is set to debut Stateside in May.

Wholesale-retail orders for Jalifstudio are managed in the U.S. by Dark Alley Media. Contact them online, or call (212) 380-1010.