XFANZ TV's Look at Sex Z's 'Fleshed Out' Concludes

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — XFANZ TV's look behind the scenes at Sex Z Pictures' "Fleshed Out" concludes today.

The segment starts with writer/director David Stanley shooting a solo scene with Kimberly Kane and then gets a behind the scenes view of Stanley in rehearsal with SexZ contract performer Hillary Scott.

"I took time off from the adult business for about 10 months, which I spent with my family in northern Wisconsin," Stanley says. "I live there now. I fell in love with the place and decided to stick around.

"But I've missed this," Stanley concludes. "I've been in this business for 14 years, and it really gets in your blood. It's very free and very constricting at the same time. It's a wonderful challenge for any artist."

Besides Hillary Scott and Kimberly Kane, "Fleshed Out" also features Evan Stone and Voodoo.

To watch the report, visit the XFANZ website