XFANZ TV's Look at Sex Z's 'Fleshed Out' Continues

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — XFANZ TV's look behind the scenes at Sex Z Pictures' "Fleshed Out" continues today.

The segment starts with a look at writer/director David Stanley setting up a solo scene for Kimberly Kane and shooting it.

"This movie is about a woman who I consider a sexually healthy person but others would consider a nymphomaniac," Stanley says. "She's in a relationship with a guy played by Evan Stone who wants to take it to the next level. But she wants to keep going to strip clubs and sex clubs while he maybe wants to get serious.

"And that freaks her put a little bit," Stanley concludes.

The report also shows Stanley staging a scene while Evan Stone overplays the physical bits he'll have to do in the scene, and concludes with Stone riffing into camera on a sexual variation of the "if you love something, let it go and see if it comes back" philosophy.

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