Digital Playground Releasing 100th Blu-ray Title

Rhett Pardon
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Two years after Digital Playground’s Joone swore off Sony because the company made it impossible for him to replicate on Blu-ray disc, the adult producer already is releasing the company’s 100th adult movie on Blu-ray.

The 100th Blu-ray title, “Digital Playground's Bad Girls,” will be released on March 31.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray, the gonzo video includes contract stars Stoya, Gabriella Fox and Shay Jordan.

Digital Playground, which once replicated in Toshiba’s HD DVD format, says it now owns 25 percent of the Blu-ray adult movie market.

Toshiba, which championed the competing HD DVD format, stopped making HD DVD discs in February 2008, citing major changes in the marketplace.

Digital Playground’s first movie in Blu-ray, “Pirates,” was released on Jan. 4, 2008.