XFANZ TV Looks at Sex Z's 'Fleshed Out'

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — XFANZ TV takes a look behind the scenes at Sex Z Pictures' "Fleshed Out" today.

The segment starts with images of performer Kimberly Kane before a chat with writer/director David Stanley.

"I'm very excited to be here, and I'm psyched to be working with an amazing cast," Stanley says. "Besides Hillary Scott, who's wonderful; there's Kimberly Kane, who's one of my favorites and one of my dearest friends in the business; Evan Stone, who is my personal hero and guru; Voodoo, who I've worked with for years, gong back to my old days with Vivid.

"We're here in sunny Skid Row," Stanley chuckles. "At an old church that's been renovated that we shoot porno in."

There's a look behind the scenes between shots before Stanley describes his criteria for casting performers and Evan Stone preps for a scene by stretching his legs.

"You can pull a hamstring and throw off the whole day," Stone explains. "I want to be well stretched out before I stretch her out."

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