Acacia's New Contracts

Tina Reilly
Controversial Acacia Media Research chalked up two new licensing deals within the adult entertainment industry amid a growing rift between porn purveyors and the holder streaming media patents.

The newest companies to join hands with Acacia are Interactive Gallery, a wholly owned subsidiary of New Frontier Media & The Erotic Networks, and Cyber Entertainment, a subsidiary of Dellwood Holdings.

Dellwood Holdings owns and operates more than 100 adult websites in addition to an AVS site.

According to Acacia, the licensing agreement with Interactive Gallery has resolved pending patent litigation initiated against the company earlier this year.

Acacia's litigation against members of the adult industry is based on their DMT technology patents. DMT technology relates to audio and video transmission and receiving systems known as audio-on-demand, video-on-demand, and audio/video streaming.

Acacia's two new licensing deals brings the total number of DMT licensees to 38, according to the company.

Just last week, Acacia Media Research was given the greenlight by a U.S. District Court judge to amend an original patent infringement complaint against nine members of the adult entertainment industry with charges of unfair trade practices, tortuous interference, and trade libel claims.

Newport Beach-based Acacia has been at odds with many members of the adult industry after a July lawsuit was filed for patent infringement against 39 porn companies.

Of those original companies, 16 have not yet settled up with Acacia. Nine of those companies are being accused by Acacia of engaging in additional illegal acts.