New Online Store Targets Rural Consumers

CYBERSPACE — A new online adult novelty store promises to deliver the goods while still being discreet to use.

The store is called, and they're calling their website "non-pornographic" in nature, although the site features plenty of images of nude models on the covers of adult products.

A company representative said that seeks to cater to consumers in less urban or more remote areas who might not have access to an adult store — or who might not want to visit one.

" seems to be the perfect choice for purchasing adult products for those without an adult store near them as well as those who want to avoid association with the adult store down the road," the representative said, adding in an editorial about the struggle for adult businesses to find homes across the country.

"Most neighborhoods are against having an adult store within their community," the representative said. "Although customers like the convenience, these businesses battle the perception of those who live nearby."

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