FSC Welcomes Rob Novinger to Board of Directors

Nikki Tang
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition announced today the addition of Rob Novinger, co-founder and partner at gay production company Channel 1 Releasing, to its board of directors.

"With Rob's diverse background and level-headedness," FSC Executive Director Diane Duke said, "he will be an asset to the board of directors and bring a wealth of experience, as well as a fresh outlook, to the future of FSC."

During his time with Channel 1 Releasing, Novinger has gained experience in a number of adult industry areas, including mail-order distribution, video production, video-on-demand, pay sites, web traffic and more. He also has received invitations to speak at a number of industry seminars and trade-show panels.

"I am ecstatic that Diane Duke and the FSC are spearheading a combat on piracy," Novinger said, "and I am incredibly excited to be a part of the battle. I think it plays a huge roll in how well the adult industry does over the next few years. I am also looking forward to being immersed in the many First Amendment battles that have continued to be a thorn in the side of the adult industry for years."

Effective immediately, Novinger is filling the seat left vacant by producer and distributor Steven Touschin.