ASACP Reaches Out to Lawmakers

Stephen Yagielowicz
LOS ANGELES — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is once again reaching out to lawmakers on behalf of the adult entertainment industry — and the children...

"While everyone else is asking for bailouts from the Government, ASACP has a message for D.C. — we can show you how to NOT spend money," began a letter to ASACP's sponsors and members from the Association's CEO, Joan Irvine.

"Each year new legislation is introduced that could potentially cost tax payers a fortune, and further regulate the adult industry, however much of what is proposed in no way would actually protect children," Irvine wrote. "It's no secret to any of us that child protection legislation is many times just a simple a way to attack adult entertainment and ASACP is making sure the new administration in D.C. knows that they shouldn't bother to even waste their time or our money!"

Irvine's letter to sponsors and members went on to discuss another letter from the association that was hand delivered to members of the 111th Congress and the new presidential administration by the Raben Group. In it, ASACP outlined exactly what the adult industry is doing to protect children online and discussed its child pornography reporting hotline, the Restricted To Adults (RTA) website label, the approved sponsor program, the Technical Taskforce, and its participation in the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography and the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee.

Activities and services, Irvine noted, which are made possibly solely through the support of ASACP's sponsors and members — most of whom are operators within the adult entertainment industry.

"If President Obama goes through the budget line by line, as he has said he planned to do, we hope that when it comes to child protection that funding is used for its actual purpose and not just to wastefully battle pornography," Irvine said. "ASACP is working to make sure the new administration knows we are here to help and that the adult entertainment industry is just that — for adults, by adults."

According to the association, the same letter that was delivered to Congress was also included in the packets distributed to Californian lawmakers during the Free Speech Coalitions' recent Lobbying Days — an important step in letting lawmakers know that the adult industry is making great strides in protecting children online while providing an alternative to more controversial methods of restricting access to adult material.

"As .XXX once again works to seek momentum and acceptance, ASACP is here to let people know it is unnecessary," Irvine said.

"The Restricted To Adults website label (a machine-readable meta-tag) is quickly becoming the industry standard for insuring children are not exposed to age-inappropriate content online," she added. "Being free, easy to use, internationally recognized, and most importantly the one website label designed by the adult industry, RTA clearly demonstrates that the industry is committed to child protection and capable of self-regulation."

And industrial self-regulation is far better than governmental intervention — something that typically produces less-than-ideal results for all involved.

"In the days to come, new light will be shed on how the Obama administration will choose to address the issue of child protection," Irvine said. "ASACP is here for you and making its presence known in D.C. and Sacramento as not only a resource for child protection, but also as a clear example of how the adult industry is not the enemy and instead a vigilant hero when it comes to protecting children online."

In an economy where even the most "recession-proof" of industries is feeling the pinch, it's even more vital that adult companies give their financial and other support to the association so that it can continue its noble work on behalf of the children — and our industry.

"ASACP counts on your support and appreciates your continued commitment to our mission of child protection," Irvine concluded. "Together we can make a difference!"

Visit the ASACP website to make a donation of any size; or to become a member or upgrade your current membership level.

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