Dark Alley Sells 'Dirty Raw Whores'

JC Adams
NEW YORK CITY — Boutique production and distribution house Dark Alley Media is flacking "Dirty Raw Whores" via its revamped PrimePork Amsterdam Euro-label. The film tracks the fetish-heavy, condomless sexcapades of "uber-slut" Peto Coast.

In the film, Coast gets a haircut and dons a pair of assless chaps "to cruise the streets of Barcelona, looking for trouble," the studio said. "What he finds is a night filled with pissing, fisting and eager holes for him to tear apart with his huge, raw cock."

Coast is joined by supporting players Kid Chocolate, Miguel Fresno, Marcel Hoffman and Tom Louis.

Capitalizing on a recent trend in gay adult towards extreme fetish, the sexplay in the director's cut edition of "Dirty Raw Whores" includes fisting, watersports and S/M.

Dark Alley is also marketing a fetish-lite edit to retailers.

In July 2008, Dark Alley announced its acquisition of PrimePork Amsterdam, including all affiliated websites and a catalog of roughly 30 titles. "Dirty Raw Whores" is the first release under the revamped line.

For wholesale-retail orders, contact Dark Alley online, or call (212) 380-1010.