Felony Obscenity for ‘Porn-in-the-Car’ Suspects

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Don’t drive while watching porn. Or, more relevant to two recent arrests in Florida this week, don’t drive while watching porn when you have crack cocaine in your wallet right next to your driver’s license.

Jacksonville Police Officer J.A. Webster was patrolling his normal beat along Myrtle Ave. when Benjamin Glover and Desmond Ross drove past his police car. Webster said that as the vehicle passed, he noticed an X-rated video on Glover’s 14-inch TV screen inside the car. Webster said children in vehicles on either side of Glover’s 93 Regal had a clear view of the film.

“As the vehicle went by, I observed the children look at the vehicle and then point at the pornographic material,” Webster said. “I observed on the video a black male and a black female were having vaginal intercourse, and then the black female performed oral sex on the black male.”

When Webster pulled Glover over, apparently right during the climax of the film, the 29-year-old told the officer he did not know it was illegal to show adult videos while driving.

To make matters worse, when Webster asked 25-year-old Ross, who was sitting in the back seat, to produce his license, the officer found a bag of crack cocaine in his wallet.

A subsequent search of the vehicle netted several additional small bags of the drug.

Both suspects are currently being held on felony obscenity charges for showing the film, and Ross faces an additional felony count for the cocaine.

Incidents involving car porn are not new, having been reported ever since vehicles first started coming equipped with DVD players and televisions. Thirty-eight states currently have official laws against driving a vehicle and watching television at the same time, and recent porn violations in vehicles range from an embarrassed lawyer in New York caught driving through a suburban church community to an Alaskan man police say caused a fatal accident when he began masturbating to a video while crossing a busy intersection.