Hardcore Modeling Revamps Site

LAS VEGAS — Online adult job board HardcoreModeling.com has gotten a facelift.

According to company owner Ditto, the revamp was initiated after suggestions from registered employers and talent.

“One of the biggest things for companies is being able to view high resolution pictures of all talent,” Ditto said. “Members can now view pictures submitted by talent. To prevent spammers, both talent and company emails are now hidden but submissions to emails still go directly to the talent or the company’s personal email that they submit when they join.”

The refurbished site does not allow talent to post more than one profile.

“We feel we want to give our employers true numbers of what talent we have,” Ditto said. “We do have some talent that try and post multiple profiles, but we review the profiles on a daily bases and delete any duplicates.”

For more information, contact ditto@hardcoremodeling.com or visit HardcoreModeling.com.