Melissa Jacobs Profiled in Web Magazine

Bob Preston
MILWAUKEE — Adult performer Melissa Jacobs revealed the details of her move from accounting to hardcore action in an extended profile with a Wisconsin-based online magazine.

In a profile for, Jacobs said that despite her career in adult, she's only here for a short time.

"This is temporary, I know that," she said. "And I'm going for it because I'm having so much fun."

That said, Jacobs described herself as "very lucky" for being able to maintain a career in adult for so long. In 2005, she sent in some nude pictures of herself to Penthouse Magazine, which soon asked her to come out to Los Angeles. After some nude modeling, she decided she was ready for another change.

"There's more work and more money available, so after I felt ready, I told my agent I was ready to change my limitations and started to do hardcore girl-on-girl," she said.

Despite the website's promise to keep the proceedings PG-13, Jacobs was able to offer some titillating details — as well as some pedestrian ones.

"They usually do whatever it takes to keep the temperature comfortable when you shoot in studio, with all the lighting and posing usually you're hot if anything," she said. "There are a few situations that come to mind though where I've been cold: a couple of pool shoots were chilly and part of my centerfold shoot was in the desert where it was really cold and windy at night. I was literally shaking by the time we finished."

Jacobs also revealed that, not surprisingly, her career has drawn a variety of reactions.

"Well, I spend a lot of time on airplanes, and people sitting next to me always chat me up," she said. "I never hesitate to tell them what I do, knowing there's the possibility that they won't like it. But once I was sitting next to a guy on a plane, he was a lawyer, and I told him I was an adult film star and he told me he was very religious and got really quiet at first. Then we chatted a little more and he said he had never met anyone like me before and that he might have judged me unfairly."

Jacobs also revealed that despite the miserable economy, she's doing just fine.

"I'm looking for the right BMW," she said. "I'm holding back for now, but considering buying myself one for my birthday."