Elegant Angel GM Steps Down

Gretchen Gallen
On the heels of a recent distribution partnership with Devil's Films, Elegant Angel Productions of Chatsworth, Calif. announced significant changes to its internal infrastructure.

Among those changes, which include a shift in management, the company plans to revamp its strategic direction to better adapt to today's industry demands and return its focus to the reality-based Gonzo video style for which Elegant Angel became legendary.

While Elegant Angel and Devil's Films wait for the ink to dry on their new partnership agreement, current General Manager Axel Braun has announced plans to step down and concentrate his efforts on production work for his company Axel Braun Productions.

A spokesperson for Elegant Angel told XBiz.com that in his new working capacity for the company, Axel Braun Productions will supply Elegant Angel with an ongoing series of videos over the coming year.

In his place, Patrick Collins, the company's founder, will temporarily assume the position of GM until the transition to Devil's Distribution takes hold, said the spokesperson. Elegant Angel's changeover is expected to be complete by December of this year, after which Collins will transition back to directing and producing material, which he has been doing for Elegant Angel since 1989.

In his new relationship with Elegant Angel, Axel Braun will be responsible for reviving the "Blow Job Adventures of Dr. Fellatio" series, which according to the company has been dormant for the past year. Braun will also continue to shoot material for Elegant Angel's big seller, "Squirting Adventures of Dr. G." series.

Additionally, Elegant Angel announced plans to restrict the distribution release of its up-and-coming film "Compulsion" to the European audience.

The idea behind the restricted release is to "maintain the integrity of the director's vision," said the spokesperson. "The U.S. is too conservative for its current release."