Kevin Blatt Courts 'Real Housewives' Star for New Site

Bob Preston
LOS ANGELES — Sex tape impresario Kevin Blatt is looking for an Orange County housewife to join him in promoting the gold-digging networking site

The Orange County housewife in question is Gretchen Rossi, star of the Bravo Channel reality show "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Blatt was named spokesman for last month.

Blatt had a long list of good things to say about Rossi.

“Gretchen is the perfect spokesmodel" he said. "She is 30, gorgeous and has a thing for older men taking care of her."

Blatt plans to put his proverbial money where his mouth is, offering Rossi $100,000, a $500,000 condominium in Spain and a $90,000.00 Mercedes. Blatt explained that he felt bad for Rossi, whose fiancé, Jeff, died recently.

But there's a catch, of course.

"We want her to submit to a polygraph to prove she was actually in love with Jeff and faithful to him and clear all the rumors she had a young lover while she was taping season four of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County,'" he said.

Blatt predicted big things for Rossi, citing his earlier triumph, Paris Hilton's sex tape.

“I helped put Paris Hilton on the map with her sex tape, I can put Gretchen on the International map by making her spokesmodel, and she won’t have to take her clothes off to do it,” Blatt said.

If Rossi accepts Blatt's proposition, she'll be welcomed into the fold with a party in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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