GA Media Staff Changes

Gretchen Gallen
GA Media Corporation made moves this week to fortify its sales and marketing team with the addition of Abraxis, a marketing and webmaster veteran.

The announcement was made by GA Media CEO Gary-Alan who appointed the new recruit to manage the webmaster advertising inventory and resource properties.

Immediately following the announcement, GA Media sales management decided to mark the occasion by extending its 'Cross Network' ad package to the webmaster community, which enables exposure across all available webmaster related sites and newsletters.

Gary-Alan stated that the extension of the deeply discounted offering will be beneficial for everyone involved.

In referring to the Abraxis hire, GA Media Chief Operations Officer Lee Windsor stated that with the addition of Abraxis' industry moxie and her knowledge of the webmaster community, she is expected to bring a fresh direction to the company.

Several months ago, Daytona Beach, Florida-based GA Media launched its new automated webmaster toolbar.

According to the company, the Adult Webmaster Toolbar enables webmasters to condense industry information into a single browser, making it easier to navigate community forums, online statistics, news and information.

Gary-Alan was quoted as saying that the new Adult Webmaster Toolbar incorporates the entire webmaster community and will bring them right where they want to be.