Kim Kardashian Gets Semi-Nude for 2010 Calendar

Bob Preston
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Kim Kardashian, whose legal wranglings with the adult industry grabbed headlines in 2007, is set to appear partially nude in a 2010 calendar.

Kardashian revealed on her official blog that she traveled to Cabo San Lucas to shoot the calendar with photogographer Troy Jensen and fellow model Monica Rose.

Kardashian first popped up on the adult industry's radar when Vivid bought a sex tape of the star for $1 million. The sex tape features her with hip hop star and former child actor Ray J. ("Moesha"), who filmed himself and Kardashian in action about three years ago when they were dating, according to Vivid Co-Chairman Steven Hirsch.

Vivid eventually released the tape under the title "Kim Kardashian Superstar," but not before the professional socialite raised a ruckus. The nature of the ruckus involved a lawsuit filed by Kardashian and her retinue to halt the DVD's release.

According to a copy of the lawsuit that was posted on, Kardashian’s complaint alleged that Vivid’s distribution of her sex tape was a violation of her right to privacy, among other charges. Vivid held the release of the DVD temporarily, but eventually went ahead with it.

Among her many claims to fame, Kardashian, 28, is the stepdaughter of Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner and the daughter of the late lawyer Robert Kardashian, who represented O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. Kardashian is also friends with professional celebrity and socialite Paris Hilton.

For more information, visit Kardashian's official blog.