Hot House Beds Newcomer Paul Wagner

SAN FRANCISCO — All-male studio Hot House Entertainment is getting into bed with newcomer Paul Wagner. He will make his erotic debut in the forthcoming leather/raunch film "Skuff 4," which wrapped last week.

The company's newest exclusive was first spotted in a Starbucks in West Hollywood when studio principals Steven Scarborough and Brent Smith were in town on business. Some weeks later, he serendipitously submitted an application to Hot House after speaking with company exclusive Johnny Gunn about working as a skin star.

Although "Skuff 4" had been fully cast, Scarborough decided to find room for Wagner. "When Paul's pictures came in, we knew his look was perfect for this movie. So we moved fast [and] flew him to San Francisco the next day," Scarborough said.

Wagner elected to sign an exclusive contract after he had committed his first blue movie to tape. "I had already heard great things from Johnny Gunn about how they were so friendly and professional," he said, adding that it was an easy decision to make. "Their studio and sets were amazing. I knew I wanted to be a part of it."

Hot House has set a slate of public appearances for Wagner over the coming months. He joins bodybuilder and fellow newbie Vince Ferelli, who was added to the studio's exclusive roster last month.

"Skuff 4" will debut online in April, and hit the DVD market in June. For wholesale inquiries visit Hot House online, or call (800) 884-4687.