Metro Goes Hardcore with New POP Display

Steve Javors
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — For point-of-purchase displays for consumers at adult retailers visibility is of supreme importance. Metro Content is poised for increased visibility with the release of its new POP display, which showcases releases from its “Hardcore” collectors series.

Each countertop display comes fully assembled with 50 DVDs — two copies of each of the 25 titles — in unique, slim-profile packaging. Each unit comes with 10 hours of footage on two discs.

Each DVD is niche oriented and fills popular categories like hand jobs, Asians, big butts, black, interracial and anal.

Included titles are “Handcock,” “Asian Invasion,” “Bottoms Up,” “Dirty Little Girls,” “Violated,” Ass Nation,” “Chocolate Booty Bonanza,” Mixed Relations” and 17 other hardcore titles containing scenes chosen from Metro’s huge exclusive library of niche content. Strong-selling titles can be reordered individually to replenish displays.

“Our focus is shifting,” said Metro’s Sales Manager Russ Pascale. “The economy is hitting consumers and retailers hard and retail space is at a premium. This is our chance to respond to the current needs of retailers. These collectors’ sets are a way to give consumers the most for their dollar. The 50 unit displays are aggressively priced and each display has a selection of titles for everyone.”

To order, call Pascale at (818) 885-2800, ext. 218, or email