Michael Lucas Press Releases Mentioned in Village Voice

Tod Hunter
NEW YORK — Gossip columnist Michael Musto has mentioned gay performer/director Michael Lucas' press releases in his Village Voice column "La Daily Musto."

"Two figures rise way above the pack in the sheer volume of promo materials they put out there: Russell Simmons and gay porn icon Michael Lucas," Musto said.

After enumerating the habits of both to promote themselves and their work through emailed press releases, Musto rhetorically asks his readers, "Who would YOU rather hear from — the hiphop mogul or the dick dude?"

Two and a half hours after the initial entry was posted, Musto posted an email from Lucas admitting that he sent a lot of press releases ("Frankly, I will do anything to get mentioned ... Now thank you very much for another mention and, by the way, always feel free to write something absolutely horrible about me. Let's keep the buzz going.") and inviting Musto to dinner.

For more information, visit Musto's column on the Village Voice website.