Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear Launches Liberator Music

ATLANTA — Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear announced today the launch of Liberator Music, an online soundstage showcasing aspiring singers and songwriters.

“Music has always played a part in romance so we realized that Liberator Music would be the perfect addition to our lovestyle offerings,” Liberator director and CEO Louis Friedman said. “Our new music venue offers exposure to millions of romantically charged Liberator fans and is a wonderful opportunity for talented up-and-comers to be heard.”

Artists are invited to submit original compositions from any genre of music so long as it “embodies the essence of eroticism and reflects passion and modern sensuality.”

Each month, one artist will be chosen and featured on the site, exposing them to 15,000 unique visitors daily. In addition, if provided, a video of the performer will be posted on the Backstage section of the Liberator site and their music will be featured as the soundtrack for Liberator viral videos and their CDs will be sold online.”

Singers and songwriters can send a non-returnable CD, video and bio to: Liberator Music, 2745 Bankers Industrial Dr., Atlanta, GA 30360.