FSC Offers Members New Health and Safety Manual

Tod Hunter
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Adult industry trade group Free Speech Coalition has published its first Health and Safety Manual for Adult Business. The manual was developed by adult-industry advisory company WCO Safety Services.

The manual addresses basic concerns including handling of equipment and OSHA record-keeping criteria, as well as first aid procedures and regulations for handling blood-borne pathogens.

WCO founder Jeffrey DeSormeau used his years of experience with OSHA compliance and workplace safety to develop recommended guidelines for adult industry businesses.

"The FSC Manual explains how various OSHA standards apply to the various industry segments," DeSormeau said. "For example, it gives examples of different OSHA standards, like Blood Borne Pathogens, Electrical, Ladders, etc., and then gives examples of different activities that are common on sets, retailers, distributors, etc. that would be regulated and require protection and compliance under the standard."

The FSC Health and Safety Manual is intended for use by small business owners and larger companies that want to update their workplace compliance standards. FSC members should to contact the association to receive a free copy of the report, which is available in hardcopy, and online in PDF and Zinio formats. The manual also is available to nonmembers for $25.

WCO Safety Services is also offering FSC members a free health and safety consultation, valued at $200.

To receive a copy or inquire about the WCO Safety Services discount offer, FSC members should contact FSC Membership Coordinator Joanne Cachapero at joanne@freespeechcoalition.com.

For more information about Free Speech Coalition, visit FreeSpeechCoalition.com/.