Michael Lucas Rips 'Entrapment' From Headlines

JC Adams
NEW YORK CITY — Lucas Entertainment plans to release "Entrapment" next month, an all-male feature whose theme has been ripped from recent headlines in New York City. Police have arrested a number of men and charged them with prostitution; however, some have questioned the tactics involved and claimed the men were entrapped by undercover officers.

Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas has moved to fictionalize these events. "Police in New York are hunting gay people, arresting them in porn stores, and falsely accusing them of prostitution," he told XBIZ.

"In other words, they are discriminating against gay men, as all of these incidents only happened in gay adult video stores."

The company hopes its erotic spin will boost public outcry and lend support to an official investigation. "More than two dozen arrests in more than a year have touched a nerve among many gay New Yorkers and raised concerns of some elected officials," the New York Times reports.

Gay rights advocate William K. Dobbs compared the incidents to systematic harassment from the police department common in the pre-Stonewall era. "Forty years later, the NYPD is still targeting gay men and places we gather," he said.

Lucas wrote the story and co-directed with mr. Pam, the studio's creative director of film and production. "Entrapment" features a cast of newcomers anchored by performers Ryan Raz and Lars Svenson.

In related news, the company's Lucas Raunch line recently had several of its titles — "Piss!" and "Farts!" — flagged by the Canadian Border Services Agency and prevented them from entering the country.

Undaunted, the studio is wrapping post-production on the fourth Lucas Raunch title, "Cum!" which is primarily a compilation of money shots drawn from its own catalog.

Lucas told XBIZ he is unconcerned about any potential controversy this title may engender. "Yes, we do have oral cumshots, [performed] at the model's discretion. There has never been proof that oral cumshots have led to HIV transmission. And who the hell can give me a problem about it?"

He notes many gay adult companies already include oral cumshots in their own films, produce or release bareback titles, or distribute "pre-condom" titles.

Lucas said he respects all-male studios, such as Titan Media, who generally do not include the practice in their new product. However, "I have my own philosophy on this issue," he said.

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