ThriXXX Launches Sex-In-Videogames Community

Nikki Tang
CYBERSPACE — ThriXXX has launched, a "sex in videogames community" site that connects to sex simulation videogame and allows users to upload and share uncensored make-your-own porn photos and video clips.

"Gamerotica takes sex in videogames to a whole new level," said Brad Abram, head of business development at ThriXXX. "The addition of user-generated content exponentially expands the amount of bonus material available for, the most realistic 3D sex simulation videogame ever."

The site offers unlimited downloads of softcore and hardcore porn for users to create and share, as well as forums for members to discuss sex gaming news and such with their fellow members.

Members can also create private avatars, which can be uploaded to a number of social networking sites, including Facebook and MySpace.

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