AEBN/NakedSword Streaming ‘Take ‘Em Down 3’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN/NakedSword have received exclusive VOD rights to stream Pitbull Productions’ “Take ‘Em Down 3.”

The movie is third in the series, featuring five scenes with performers such as Tiger Tyson, KB and Mr. Sauki and is directed by Jalin Fuentes.

"Pitbull Productions is excited that ‘Take ‘Em Down 3’ is launching exclusively on the AEBN network of sites," Pitbull's Jalin Fuentes said. "We know that this amazing movie will sell exceedingly well with AEBN and we look forward to great success with this blockbuster title."

The first two titles in the series also are included on the AEBN system. The exclusive contract between the two companies with inked in January 2007.