PZP Productions Announces Production Break

Nikki Tang
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Gay boutique studio PZP Productions has announced that it is taking a break from production.

"Hopefully the break will be short-lived," PZP owner Peter Z Pan told XBIZ. "I would love to make my scheduled summer movie, 'The Last Boy On Earth.' But realistically we might not produce any new content until 2010 — who knows?"

Pan attributed the production break to the economy, as well as illegal tube sites and file-sharing sites.

"The economy stinks, and it's killing many of us in the industry — not just the little guy," Pan said. "[But] two other major factors contributed to the decision; they are illegal tube sites and file-sharing sites. Notice I'm saying 'illegal' tube sites because I mean the ones that steal our content. Most tube sites are great, and they're a way to market your movies. As for the others: What's the good of opening up the store if they give your goods away? Why would people want to buy one of our DVDs when they can just download it for free from one of these sites?"

The only productions PZP is focusing on during 2009 are "Twinks Finally 18 #1" and "Oliver Twink Special Edition Director's Cut," which is scheduled for release in November and might include interviews with performers Dillon Samuels and Kyros Christian.

"I really want to interview Dillon and Kyros, who are real-life partners and great friends of mine," Pan said. "We just have to figure out how we're going to do it since we're over 2,000 miles away. I'm pretty confident it will be included in the special-edition DVD. We're also debating if we're going Blu-ray with it or not."