Lucas Raunch Fetish Flicks Banned by Canada

JC Adams
CANADA — Two gay adult fetish films produced by Lucas Entertainment were flagged by the Canadian Border Services Agency early last week and prevented from entering the country.

"Piss!" and "Farts!" were recently released under the Lucas Raunch label with a focus on watersports and flatulence, respectively.

Performer and Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas told Canadian GLBT news portal that he considered the decision to be "odd."

"I was surprised that a country that is more progressive than the U.S., and more open-minded in areas like gay marriage, has some sort of obscenity law that would ban these videos," Lucas said.

As yet, the CBSA has not elaborated on their decision. The watersports featured in "Piss!" triggered the agency's "obscenity indicator," according to a press account.

Per Canadian legal standards, the definition of obscenity includes the "ingestion of someone else's urine… with a sexual purpose." The agency additionally classifies watersports as "degrading and dehumanizing, with a risk of substantial harm."

Lucas disagreed but will not challenge the CBSA's determination. "For many people, [watersports] is a lot of fun and just another sexual fantasy," he said. "Some people like to get it, some people like to give it, some people like both and a lot of people like to watch it."

He feels a legal dispute would be a waste of the company's resources. However, the Lucas Raunch line will continue as it was originally envisioned. "I'm not going to change anything because of the old-fashioned laws of one country," Lucas said.

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