Pure Play Media Offers Discount to Empire Customers

Nikki Tang
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult film distributor Pure Play Media is offering a 10 percent discount to customers of Empire Video Distributors, which reportedly closed its doors abruptly on Wednesday.

Representatives from Pure Play Media said the demise of Empire could largely be attributed to its distribution model.

"I have been saying for some time that having one company represent hundreds of studios and thousands of titles cannot be a great way to sell movies both for the studios and to the retailers," President and CEO Richard Arnold said. "Pure Play's method of selectively representing studios and selling good quality movies with actual product knowledge beyond simply just the price can only benefit both the studio and retailer, and ultimately the consumer."

The discount is available to Empire customers who are not currently customers of Pure Play Media.

For more information, call (866) 820-3000 or send an email to sales@pureplaymedia.com.