Joe Francis Freed From House Arrest

Nikki Tang
LOS ANGELES — Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis was released from a weeklong period of house arrest and electronic monitoring at his court hearing on Wednesday.

After Francis’s doctor presented a letter to the court verifying that Francis was ill, as Francis had alleged, Federal District Judge S. James Otero ordered that the conditions be dropped.

"I look forward to being vindicated when the case goes to trial and putting these absurd allegations permanently to rest," Francis said. "I am tired of being singled out and criminalized by the government because of what I do for a living. This is not a case about tax evasion; it’s simply another attempt to prosecute Joe Francis for being the creator of Girls Gone Wild."

Francis, who is facing charges of tax evasion, was placed under house arrest following his release from custody last Tuesday. According to his new attorney, John Vandevelde of the Crowell & Moring Law Firm, a trial date has been set.

"We now have a trial date," Vandevelde said, "and we look forward to winning in the courtroom for Mr. Francis."