AEBN to Stream Dirty Bird's 'Porne Identity'

Tod Hunter
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Video-on-demand provider AEBN and gay studio Dirty Bird Pictures are about to release "The Porne Identity," the third of six Dirty Bird high-budget features to be streamed exclusively on the AEBN network.

"The Porne Identity" is a sequel to last year's "The Porne Ultimatum." It stars Brent Corrigan, Kaden Saylor, Barrett Long, Devon Moss, Brock Penn and several Active Duty exclusive models. Like its predecessor, it focuses on the adventures of Chason Porne.

The AEBN-Dirty Bird partnership began with 2008's "Ringleader," a wrestling-themed feature featuring seven of Active Duty's exclusive models, followed by "Endgame," written and directed by Jett Blakk. "Endgame" offered viewers Chad Hunt's final adult performance, his first bottoming scene. Director Jett Blakk has stated he wrote a sweeping screenplay to mark the occasion.

"I'm very excited about this deal," AEBN's Chris Baker said. "I've always loved working with Dink and this is a great opportunity. Given the quality of what has been filmed so far, I can't wait to see what's next."

"The Porne Identity" will be available later this year.

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