MidniteVideos Offering Full GwenMedia Catalog on VOD

Tod Hunter
NEW YORK — Video-on-demand provider Midnite Videos has added the complete catalog of fetish studio GwenMedia to its VOD offerings.

"GwenMedia is truly one of the best in fetish," said Tory LaBarbera, sales and marketing manager of MidniteVideos. "It's rare to use the words beautiful and porn together in the same sentence, but the colors of latex combined with the imagery are fantastic. We're very proud to carry GwenMedia on MidniteVideos.com. They are already selling extremely well for us."

GwenMedia titles have showcased dominant divas Amanda Wildefyre, Mistress Sandra, Ms. Jacqueline du Monde and company owner Mistress Sinclair. GwenMedia titles available from MidniteVideos include new releases "Enclosure" with Mistress Aradia, Dana DeArmond and Babydoll, and "Cat Suits! Corsets! and Hoods!" as well as the long-running "Ivy Manor" series.

Studios interested in being represented by MidniteVideos and webmasters interested in joining the MidniteDollars affiliate program should email Tory Labarbera at tory@midnitevideos.com.